Meet Alexia Clark! 

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How important is fitness to you and how has it positively impacted your life?

Fitness is so much more then we can all do a little better each day to improve our health physically, mentally and socially, fitness is not only about how we look, it is also about how we feel, love and inspire each other. There is a difference between having a fitness mindset and being a ‘gym junkie.’ You discover inner strength that is just waiting to help you become a better you. Having a fitness mindset is about setting a realistic goal, and then not stopping until you get there.

Fitness goals help promote life goals. I’ve seen how fitness mindset empowers relationships not just in myself but in my friends and clients. I see how it helps aspire to be better at work. Most incredibly, I’ve seen how workouts help work through darker times. The ones we all sometimes face. The breakups. The struggles. The things we wanted so much to go our way, and for whatever reason, don’t go the way we planned. In both workouts and in life, we have bad days. But having a fitness mindset is about having control over our minds and our bodies. These obstacles are just another challenge for us to overcome. Because everyday we step out of bed we are one step closer to reaching your goals. That’s why I encourage everyone to focus on right now. Today, you are stronger than yesterday. You are stronger this week than you were last month—and tomorrow—you’ll be even stronger. As long as you dedicate some time everyday toward working out on you, I promise you will get to your goals.

What are some of your other passions and hobbies?

I love cooking and baking! It’s a way for me to be creative and create fun recipes. I always try to take an unhealthy dish and substitute ingredients to make it healthy :)
I also have two dogs that are so much fun! They are both still in their puppy stages so they require a lot of attention, park and play time!

What motivates you?

What motivates me the most are my clients and fans. My goal has always been to reach as many people as I can to motivate them to make fitness apart of their life because of the impact it can have. I want to be different than any other fitness trainer, fitness page or fitness celebrity. I want to bring a new light to fitness and show that you don’t have to have the same boring workout every single day and you don’t have to follow a crazy insane diet. I want to show the world that working out can be so fun and there is so much variety! So, seeing my following grow motivated me to want to spread my knowledge to everyone and teach everyone how to do exercises and live with a fitness mindset. I’m not here to post an exercise just to show it. I’m here to teach you about it. Why is it good? How can it be modified? What muscles does it work?

What was one of your funniest or most embarrassing moments?

Just the other night I was out at dinner with some friends for an early birthday dinner and the waitress brought out this huge obnoxious cake and ice cream with this crazy sparkler candle that shot sparks like three feet up into the air. She went to set it down and the candle fell on my lap! Haha! I didn’t get burned but it was kind of hilarious!