Meet Brittany Youney!
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How important is fitness to you and how has it positively effected your life?
Fitness started for me after high school when I realized that without all my sports I would gain a significant amount of weight. It started with running and then evolved to weight training. Eventually my passion grew and I looked for ways to make it my job to help others in similar situations. Fast forward 5 years and it's my entire life. It has had hundreds of positive impacts on my life from meeting my husband Rock, gaining my self confidence back and my overall health has drastically improved.

Other passions or Hobbies
In my free time I enjoy date night with my guy every week. Something we both work for and look forward to. We also love to travel often.

What motivates you?
The future motivates me. I think of the life we want to life and the risk we have to take getting there. My husband Rock is my biggest inspiration for he has shown me with hard work anything at all is possible.

Most embarrassing moment?
Most embarrassing moment would have to be when I wore see though leggings with out my knowledge to Legday and half way through while doing stiff legs I realized you could see every detail of the panties I was wearing and I noticed how many people were staring ??? You live you learn.... Some pants are just not meant to be stretched like that!!