Angela Dungan

Meet Angela Dungan! 
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How important is fitness to me and how has it impacted my life?

Fitness and food are my two passions in life, and I feel like in my profession they totally go hand in hand. Since I started Arrive I am motivated more than ever to stay on top of my fitness. I want to show other women a living, breathing, non-photo shopped example of how we can look if we work out, eat clean, and take care of ourselves - and if I can do it while starting up my own business and wearing so many different hats, anyone can! I've been involved in athletics since I was about 5 years old and the one thing that I can say athletics and the fitness lifestyle has given me (outside of discipline) is a drive that comes from knowing if I work my butt off and give something 100% of my energy and effort I can absolutely excel. I don't care what it is, I know I can do it. That is a confidence you cannot fake (I should thank my dad sometime lol). 

Other passions or Hobbies?

As for passions and hobbies... I guess it's no secret that I love to cook.  I love food in general. I would call myself a foodie for sure. The challenge of figuring out how to take a tasty but terrible-for-you dish and make it healthy but still delicious is what I get out of bed for. Outside of that I love tennis (playing and spectating), golf, throwing the football, cookouts... Im pretty much down for any combination of eating, drinking, and athletics. 

What motivates me?

Guess I already answered the question of what motivates me. I love challenges in the kitchen. Give me a naughty dessert and I'll make you a clean version that tastes just as good and doesn't ruin your hard work in the gym! 

Most embarrassing moment?

Most embarrassing moment... When I was about 16, my dad was absolutely harassing me to check the oil in my car. My poor dad was trying to teach me good habits early on... needless to say, it backfired.  So finally one day I get tired of the nagging (omg in retrospect my attitude was horrible!) and I decide to go check. Of course it was about a quart low, so I went ahead and put the oil in and was feeling pretty proud of myself until my dad came back in from checking up on me(probably didn't believe I actually did it) looking super mad - only this time because he thought I was lying! I insist I did put a quart of oil in, and he declares that he doesn't know where I could have possibly put it... and that's about when he got a nervous look on his face. Ok then show me, he says. So I did. Right here in this hole... Which as it turned out, went straight to my radiator. ??? ??????