About Us

Why Create @FitGirls_Inspire?

First I just want to thank everyone who has followed and supported our Instagram page since 2012. Our names are Ambrea and Anual John Jackson Jr. and we created FitGirls_Inspire because we have a  deep passion and love for health and fitness.  The drive and motivation we had when first creating this page was to show support for women who have an incredible amount of love and joy for health and fitness. The common question received since starting @fitgirls_inspire is why did you create this page? It still comes as a shock to many of my new followers and audience that a my husband initially started the page! Initially he did not want to make FitGirls_Inspire for the fact that some would think a man creating a fitness page and community celebrating women for lifting weights and living a healthy fit lifestyle would be awkward and off base. We are glad this movement was created and we are able to share love and appreciation for women who work so hard to reach their dreams

Gaining social media fame or popularity was never the mindset or reasoning behind creating this social space. Our goal was to create a community where women could be encouraged, inspired and motivated by other women who have been battling with their weight issues, eating disorders, confidence and so much more. There are SO many stories that we wanted to share that we felt were important for women to see and give hope that you are able to reach your goals. In today’s society there is a lot of judgement and hurtful comments that can be easily spread by individuals who don’t even know you. Social media at times can be used as a tool to bring others down, but we chose to use this tool to try and uplift people to help reach their goals.

We are proud of this brand and happy that so many people have embraced this brand for what it is. A brand that represents change, hope, faith, determination, motivation and overall positivity.

We love this movement and what @fitgirls_inspire represents. Having the opportunity to share your stories to help empower others is something we are so grateful to do!